The Impact Of Video In Your Marketing Strategy :

Video Marketing

What Is Video Marketing And How To Build Video Marketing Strategy :

Video Marketing is defined as the Promotion of any Product or Service through Graphics, Content, and Promotion through designing Animation or Mp4. Video Marketing has left Social Media Behind. Once upon a time, Social Media Channels were working very effectively for creating more social media engagement and in increasing sales. Nowadays this replaced Social Media as it is attracting more customers and give more product awareness to the people.

Video Marketing will grow your Company Followers and Engagement. More than 5000 YouTube Video Watches Daily! Nowadays every company wants to grow their business in a short time and they want to leave behind their Counterparts. It has a great impact on getting Customers and converts them to their funnel and retention. If a photo worth a thousand words, how much more valuable is the video?

Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram have more engagements than other platforms.

Be it Establishing a Brand, Building Customer Rapport, or Promoting Services or products video content marketing is used for almost everything.

87% of Online Marketers using Video Marketing for Promoting their Services. Recently, the “LIVE” feature, which initially started off with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, now is everywhere on all platforms.

Why You Need Video Marketing? Benefits of Video Marketing?

Video Marketing has its hike in 2016 and slowly increased its place in the Market. It is essential for every company which wants to increase their sales and growth. Through that, they can increase Product Awareness and build strong engagement.

According to Preference of Customers, More people love to watch Videos rather than Content in the Blog Post or any Social Media Post. Short Videos can help Customers in terms of Services, Products. They will attract more Customers within a short span.

Video Marketing Tips :

  1. Engage your customers through attractive images/graphics and content
  2. Make Content readable so that easily understand by every one
  3. Make sure all the points are related to your product or service you are offering
  4. Create more attractive thumbnail to get more likes, comments and more views
  5. Add Keywords in the title and description for more customer research
  6. Don’t make long 5-7min video, no one interested in long videos

Video Marketing strategies 2021 :

  1. Be Update with the Social Media Platforms
  2. Engage with your Customers
  3. Create Events
  4. Live Videos
  5. Promo Videos
  6. Bring Strong Personalities for more engagement
  7. Respond to the queries raised by customers on the spot
  8. Share Videos in Groups
  9. Make Backlinks for your Video
  10. Add Videos like :
  • Demo Video
  • Brand Video
  • Animated Video
  • Event Video
  • Educational Video

How To Start Video Marketing For Your Business?

Step Wise Process :

  • Initially, You need to have a clear strategy and planning.
  • Gather insights on your target audience
  • Think about all factors like social channels they used to view content
  • Type of Videos Audience Consume
  • Then Develop Video Goals
  • Go for the Leads Funnel – How to generate leads and how to serve them through Instagram ads, continue organic engagement, or increase brand awareness, it all impacts your video messaging, footage type, length, etc. 
  • Preproduction Stage: In this preproduction stage, you will need to determine the style and messaging of the video, write a script, find shooting locations, prepare a storyboard and shot sheet to outline the sequence of the video, and more. 
  • After the filming of your video, the post-production stage begins. Regardless of the editing software used during this phase, the key to a smooth process is file organization and backing up files.
  • These factors should influence the types of transitions and pacing, music, and any motion graphics.
  • Finally, where you plan to show your video will impact how you edit it. 
  • Once you and your team are satisfied with the final video, it is ready to be published. The distribution phase of a video should be as well thought out and strategic as its production. When, where, and how a video is promoted impacts how successful it will be.

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