5 Ayurvedic Hacks To Protect Yourself Against Different Types Of Pollution

Pollution – Mostly Effected State – Delhi

Delhi was effected due to bad pollution last year. This effected not only Delhi but also all over India and according to Green Peace India, it stated that the Pollution is killing 1.2 millions per year.

The greatest well being effect of air contamination is because of the introduction to residue particles – fine residue coasting noticeable all around. These particles are small to the point that they can get into lungs, causing a progression of medical diseases.

According to some government data, Delhi has witnessed the lot of smog from last 15 years. This is just due to adding of pollution from last Diwali to Vehicle Pollution in Delhi. Hospitals have filled with Significant diseases due to Pollution over Delhi. This undesirable spike in air contamination amid Diwali brings along a plenty of medical problems Lungs failure, Cygnus problems,hack, shortness of breath, skin illnesses and numerous extreme instances of constant aspiratory sicknesses.

It is necessary to increase the awareness about different ways of controlling health hazards. Ayurvedic specialists to think about hacks that can enable you to survive this hazard.

Types And Causes of Pollution:

Air Pollution : This is mainly due to Excessive oil Combustion. This is done in Cooking, In Industries and Transport .Smoke Releases Sulpher Di-oxide (So2) in the air. It is harmful to our body. This Contamination is releasing by the large factories, Vehicles and some of the burning of wood etc.

Smoke releases SO2 along with Green House Gases. These will give dangerous Acid Rains. These Rains are more dangerous to everyone in the world. These causes Global Warming and Droughts.This has been effecting and killing 20 lakhs people every year.

Soil Pollution : Soil Pollution is due to having unwanted chemicals in the Soil. This is contamination coming from Industries , Using Pesticides and Insecticides in the fields.

This is also due to using of Paints, solvents, motor oils etc.

Water Pollution : Above 60% of People in the world depending upon Water resources only. Factories, Industries, Farmers, all types of livelihoods, All People depending upon water only.

Water pollution is due to releasing Industrial Waste, Washing Clothes in lakes, Utensils in Rivers an ponds and this will effects the entire food chain indirectly.

This spreads Cholera and Diarrhea type of dangerous diseases.

Noise Pollution : This is due to releasing various sounds from Industries, Transport and machines, in the marriages etc. This effects the ears in terms permanent hearing,  hypertension and strees related issues.


5 Ayurvedic Hacks To Protect Yourself Against Different Types Of Pollution

There are some Ayurvedic hacks to reduce the health problems due to this nasty Pollution from different Sources. Pursue a portion of the given straightforward tips to sanitize the air around you as going characteristic is the best street to a sound living.

1. Neem

Neem - Shapeout


  • Keep a bunch of Neem leaves in our Home so that they are used in purifying the air around us
  • Usage : Wash our faces and hair with these Neem leaves with hot water, this will helpful in blood circulation and purifying your blood
  • Try to eat 4 to 5 these leaves at least two times in a week.

2. Tulsi

Tulsi - Shape out

  • This is the natural plant which is in every home. If you don’t have it, you should get it.
  • Usage : Just crush 3 to 4 leaves and make a powder from it and add some Honey to it and have it 10-15 ml in the morning and evening. Have it day by day to keep contamination from botching up with your respiratory tract.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric - Shape out

  • This is one of the important Ayurvedic Hacks and it can control the effects in terms of cuts and burns and it is used as an anti septic for the body.
  • Usage : Simply take half teaspoon of turmeric powder added with 1 tablespoon of Ghee or Honey and have it on an empty  stomach each morning.

4. Ghee

Ghee - Shapeout

  • Usage : 2 drops of bovine ghee in every nostril consistently toward the beginning of the day and at sleep time will enable you to remain clear from toxins. It is very important to have 2 to 3 drops of Ghee drops daily.
  • 2 drops of ox-like ghee in each nostril reliably toward the start of the day and at rest time will empower you to stay clear from poisons.

5. Triphala

triphala - shapeout

  • Triphala is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulation which helps boost immunity.
  • Usage : One tablespoon of Triphala with 1 teaspoon of honey at night is perfect to restore your body’s immunity.





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